The Deutscher Hof in Kabul
Entrance to the guarded parking lot
The historical Deutscher Hof in Thüringen / Germany 1918

Team Deutscher Hof Kabul


Deutscher Hof Kabul / German Restaurant

On 30 April 2003, the restaurant

“Deutscher Hof Kabul”

opened its doors for the first time.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons the “Deutscher Hof Kabul” had to cease operation on 30 September 2007

Originally, the “Deutscher Hof Kabul” was designed as restaurant and training facility for hotel and service industry. Until our closure in September 2007, we trained 134 apprentices successfully and placed them at local businesses. Unfortunately, our efforts were undone by the police and ministries.

We like to thank the corrupt administration of Afghanistan for all harassments and recommend Afghanistan as “the place” to invest.

In December 2005, the “Deutsche Hof International” opened a new branch in the Iraq Kurdistan Region (which is well known for its investment friendly policy and security) the

Deutscher Hof Erbil

under the roof of

Deutscher Hof International